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3rd March 2017 Professor Fukumura’s valedictory lecture kaffe

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We will have the Professor Fukumura’s valedictory lecture
and kaffeeklatsch on 3rd March 2017

As you may know, Fukumura sensei has retired last March and was nominated the Director position of the Sendai College of Technology.
The valedictory lecture and the kaffeeklatschare scheduled as follows.

Data: 3rd March, 2017
AM11:00-12:00: valedictory lecture
PM3:00-4:00: kaffeeklatschare
Place: Science Lecture Hall (H32) in Kita-Aobayama campus, Tohoku University

We will have a one-night hot-spring stay(March 3rd-4th) with the Alumni.

It would be wonderful if many people join the event!

※If you have any questions, please contact shibata☆ (please change the ☆ to @)


6th symposium

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date: 20:30- 6 Mar.(Fri) 2015


Prof. Hiroshi Uji-i’s lecture

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Date : 16:00–17:00 24 Mar. (Mon) 2014




Prof. Tomas Lippert’s lecture

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Date:15:00~ 16:30 18 Jul. (Thu.) 2013


large christmas inflatables


Dr. Michel Sliwa’s lecture

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Exploring the dynamics of photoactive systems by chemometrics and ultrafast spectroscopy
Date : 10:30-12:00 18th. Apr.(Thu.) 2013



Restoration from the earthquake

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 DSCF1071[1] DSCF1087[1]

You can look at the other pictures on the temporary page.


Prof. Dr. Steven De Feyter’s lecture(finished)

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Nanopatterning with molecules at a liquid-solid interface : from structure to function
Date : 16:00 – 17:30 13 Sep. (Mon.) 2010