Organic Physical Chemistry Laboratory


-Pulsed X-ray group-
・Femtosecond laser system (780 nm, 160 fs (chirp-adjustable), 10-1000 Hz (variable), Clark MXR + PositiveLight)
・Femtosecond laser system (780 nm, 190 fs(chirp-adjustable), 2.5 kHz(variable), IntegraC(Quantronix))
・Oscilloscopes (Hewlette Packard + Iwatsu + Tektronix)
・Power meter (Molectron)
・Power meter (Ophir)
・Femtosecond laser pulse width measurement systems (hand-made)
・X-ray generation system for audio cassette tapes (hand-made)
・X-ray generation system for solids with microscope (assembled)
・Solid state detectors for X-ray emission spectroscopy (Rontec [Si(Li)] + Amptek [CdTeZn])
・GM counter for X-ray intensity measurement (health physics)
・Single-crystals for X-ray fine spectroscopy (Saint Gobain [LiF, Ge])
・Poly-capillary lens for focusing X-ray (Ifg)
・Elliptical capillary for focusing X-ray (Ifg)
・Metal foils for filtering X-ray (Nilaco)
・Double-input spectrometer (avantes Avaspec)
・X-ray CCD (Andor)
・CCD cameras (Sony)
・X-ray image intensifier (Hamamatsu Photonics)
・Streak camera system + high speed scanning unit (Hamamatsu Photonics)
・Optical delay lines (Sigma Koki + Chuo Seiki)
・Spectrometers (Otsuka)

-Phase group-
・Spectra Physics CGR 230 ns Nd-YAG laser + OPO
・Quantel Brilliant Nd-YAG laser
・Hamamatsu Photonics PMA 10 Detector and Spectrograph
・Hamamatsu Photonics PMA 50 image intensified detector
・Kaiser optics Holospec spectrograph 
・Olympus IX70 inverted microscope
・Nikon Eclipse Fluorescent microscope
・Nikon Eclipse Fluorescent microscope
・CW Nd-YAG laser
・Jasco Near IR spectrometer
・Quantel picosecond Nd-YAG laser
・CCD (Princeton Instruments Acton, PIXIS 256)
・Spectrometer (Princeton Instruments Acton, LS785-T F/1.8)
・Spatial light modulator (Hamamatsu Photonics, LCOS-SLM)
・UV light source (Hamamatsu Photonics, Lightningcure)

-STM group-
・Scanning Tunneling Microscope (SOLVER P47, NT-MDT)
・For combined with optical measurements
・Scanning Tunneling Microscope (SMENA, NT-MDT)
・Scanning Tunneling Microscope (N-TEGRA, NT-MDT)
・He-Ne laser (633 nm, cw)
・Diode laser (650 nm, cw)
・Magellan(1030 nm)
・Photo multiplier tube(R4632)
・Avalanche photodiode
・Optical Microscope (IX-70, Olympus)
・Spectrograph (MS 3501 I, SOLAR TII)
・Cooled CCD (DU420-BV, Andor)
・Ar ion laser, 488 nm (CW) (2114-20SL, JDS Uniphase)

-Shared device-
・Ultrapure water system (Simplicity UV, MILLLIPORE)
・Centrifuge (MiniSpin plus, eppendorf)
・Shimadzu Absorption Spectrometer
・Hitachi Emission Spectrometer