Safety in the organic physical chemistry lab.
Safety is a very serious issue both to protect yourself and others from injury that could result from your experimental procedures

In our research area there are four workplaces that contain equipment posing different levels and different types of danger.

The 4 defined areas are:

1) The laser laboratory in room 616

2) The chemicals laboratory in room 624

3) The STM laboratory

4) The workshop.

Those wishing to work in each area  must read the necessary instructions before they begin working. These instructions are currently being up-dated, but will be distributed to all members of the group soon. In the mean time please refer to the general instructions for safety contained in the document "Anzeneiseikanrisisin" (A summary of Japanese safety law).

Especially note that eye-protection is provided for protection against laser light and chemical or mechanical damage. Use them whenever needed. Use the minimum laser power during beam alignment, keep laser beams horizontal to the bench and contain all stray laser light. Use IR viewers provided at regular intervals to detect stray light.

In the workshop the machines must be treated carefully. Do not wear loose clothing when operating machines, keep long hair tied up or contained so that it cannot get caught in machines. Note where the stop button for each machine is in case of emergency. Keep the machine area clear of unnecessary objects. Keep the workshop area clear of stored items. Use eye protection when machines or tools are being used in the workshop, even if you are not the operator.

In the chemical laboratory, there is always a risk of chemical spill or broken glass. Use eye protection. Wear protective clothing against chemical spill and wear sensible shoes.

In general take care when using high voltages.

Do not work on potentially dangerous or risky procedures when alone.

If you are the second to last person to leave please check that the last person is safe and that they are not doing anything potentially dangerous.

If you are the last person to leave then lock all doors and switch of all unauthorised electrical appliances.

The above list is not a replacement for the document "Anzeneiseikanrisisin" (A summary of Japanese safety law), which should be studied in full.