28th Physical Chemistry Colloquium

-Laser Chemistry and Nano Materials-


[Preface] H. Fukumura


5th, September (13:00 ~)

Chair: H. Fukumura

13:00 T. Lippert (Paul Scherrer Inst., Switzerland) 

Laser-induced forward transfer (LIFT) of polymers using a sacrificial layer [Abstract]


Chair: A. Morita

14:00 H. Miyasaka (Osaka University, Japan)

Laser induced multiphoton gated photochromic reaction in diarylethene and fulgide derivatives [Abstract]

14:30 A. Fujii (Tohoku University, Japan)

Infrared laser spectroscopic investigation of nanoscale hydrogen bond networks in protonated water [Abstract]

14:50 H. Kono (Tohoku University, Japan)

First-principle simulation of dynamics and control of C60 in near-infrared intense laser fields [Abstract]


15:20 ~ 15:40 Coffee break


Chair: K. Ueda

15:40 M. Ziskind (Université de Lille 1, France)

Analysis of chemical species adsorbed on soot surface by laser desorption/@laser ionization/mass spectrometry [Abstract]

16:10 F. Misaizu (Tohoku University, Japan)

Laser photodissociation of size- and isomer-selected cluster ions [Abstract]


Chair: K. Ohno

16:30 K. Yoshihara (Toyota Physical and Chemical Research Institute, Japan)

UV light-induced water aerosol/droplet formation from ambient air [Abstract]


18:00 ~ Banquet@ Sendai Excel Hotel Tokyu (fee \5,000)


6th, September (9:00 ~)

Chair: S. Yamauchi

9:00 T. Asahi (Osaka University, Japan)

Preparation of organic nanoparticles by laser ablation in water [Abstract]

9:30 P. V. Sushko (1University College London, UK, 2WPI-AIMR, Tohoku University)

Photoinduced desorption of hyperthermal oxygen and metal atoms from oxide nanostructures: theoretical models from ab initio calculations [Abstract]

10:00 S. Hashimoto (University of Tokushima, Japan)

Laser ablation-induced preparation of metal nanoparticles in solutions, films and zeolite-supports [Abstract]


10:30 ~ 10:50 Coffee Break


Chair: T. Komeda

10:50 H. Oikawa (Tohoku University, Japan)

Recent progress on organic-inorganic hybridized nanocrystals/nanoparticles [Abstract]

11:20 F. Hubenthal (Universität Kassel, Germany)

Noble metal nanoparticles: From ultrafast electron dynamics to applications [Abstract]

11:50 F. Mafune (University of Tokyo, Japan)

Laser synthesis and manipulation of nanoparticles in solution [Abstract]